Please choose the data for your outdoor application:

Interior dimensions:

Outdoor Dimensionen

Useable depth Useable space Useable height
d1 (mm) depth
Special width: (mm)

Maximum exterior dimensions:

Height:  mm
Width:  mm
Depth:  mm


IP55 (Standard)


Front:  Door Wall
Rear side:  Door Wall
Left side:  Door Wall
Right side:  Door Wall

Mode of installation:

On base        Special height: mm
Panel mounting

Static ventilation and noise level:

Outdoor Cooling

Energy loss:  W (Pv)
Maximum temperature inside:   °C (Tinternal)
Minimal temperature inside:   °C (Tinternal)
Maximum temperature outside:   °C (Tambient)
Minimal temperature outside:   °C (Tambient)
Maximum noise level (day value):   dB(A)
Maximum noise level (night value):   dB(A)
Is fresh air supply permitted? Yes No 
Note: If fresh air supply is not possible, a heat exchanger must be used.


Panel mount:  19''  ETSI
at the front at the rear
at the front and at the rear none
at the front at the rear
at the front and at the rear none
Battery shelf: Number:   Weight of batteries:  (kg)
Door contact: Yes No
Smoke detector: Yes No

Additional specifications:

  prototype: series:
Required quantity:
Delivery date:
Target price per item:   Euro
Further requirements:

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